Nestled in the heart of Texas amongst the oaks of rural Milam County, Solid Rock Development works to enable innovators to bring their ideas to reality. Our goal is simple:

Glorify God by assisting His people in providing for their families and improving the life of many through careful stewardship of the innovation, skill, time, and capital He has given.

Pioneering a guided development model, we work with you, and pull together people and organizations with experience and training in product development, design, prototyping, manufacturing, and patent drafting to come alongside you to maximize your resources: expertise, time, and capital.

Earliest concept ... patent drafting ... design ... prototyping ... transition to manufacturing

Whatever product stage you are in, contact us to see if we can help you

shorten your time to market and maximize your investment.




If You Have an Innovation

Sole Inventor? Bootstrapped Startup?

Maximize your capital and leverage your time and talents by having our team review your concept and current status and recommend next steps.

Check back in throughout the design process for design validation, help at tough spots, or quick questions to keep you from wandering through the design process. Our team can help you through the parts that are unfamiliar, point you to design resources, steer you around potential pitfalls, begin building your patent portfolio, explain how to make low-cost prototypes for testing, or even step in and lend a hand in designing where and when you need it.

Swamped R&D? Shorthanded Designer?

Expand your team's capabilities and meet your grant or project deadlines by handing off some of your design services load can do so you can focus on perfecting the portions centered around your core competency.

Speed up design and development with rapid prototypes from a team that will help provide feedback on your plans - before and after prototyping. Leverage help performing prior art searches, drafting and filing thorough provisional patent applications as soon as innovation is made, and progressing provisional applications into high-quality patents.

Just need parts? drawings? prints? prototypes? repairs?

Access our full-service machining, welding and fabrication, woodworking, CAD design, and auxiliary services to make a repair, manufacture a part, or draw up an idea. Explore our capabilities to see how we can help you!


We Can Help You Develop It

Make It

Functional and aesthetic prototypes, initial-run manufacturing, one-off parts, guided setup of DIY manufacturing. Whatever your needs … make your idea a reality. Read More about “Make It”